The purpose of a Target Market Statement is to explain the identified target market, intended value, expected distribution strategy and fair value assessment outcomes for each AXA Commercial Insurance product manufactured by AXA Insurance.

It outlines our approach to Product Oversight and Governance to demonstrate how we design, monitor and review our products to ensure they continue to provide fair value and meet the needs, characteristics and objectives of the target market including vulnerable customers.

Product Oversight and Governance

AXA UK’s Product Governance Policy sets out the standards that AXA Commercial is required to implement to ensure the achievement of fair value and good customer outcomes by having robust product oversight and governance arrangements, systems, policies and procedures in place, which encourage a business culture with customers’ interests at its core.

  • We identify, define and assess our target markets at an appropriate level, based on the nature and complexity of our products.
  • We undertake appropriate testing of our new products before launch, to make sure they meet our customers’ needs and provide fair value.
  • The design and performance of all our new, existing and legacy products are subject to regular assessment and review to ensure products provide fair value and that there is a continuing customer-centric focus, achieving good customer outcomes.
  • The features, nature and complexity of our products are carefully matched to our intended distribution channels to ensure they reach our identified target market.

These requirements are in place in order to ensure that all AXA UK customers receive fair value and that good customer outcomes are delivered in line with AXA UK’s defined customer outcome statements.

Target Market Statements

Including Fair Value Assessment outcomes

Target Market Statements provide information about all of the AXA Insurance products distributed. This includes:

  • The main features and optional covers associated with our products.
  • Who our products are designed for and who they are not designed for.
  • How our products should be distributed.
  • The complexity of our products.
  • How to ensure that our product provides fair value to customers as intended.
  • The outputs of our regular product reviews and fair value assessments.

Please note:

  • Target Market Statements are not customer facing documents and are not intended to be used for sales and marketing purposes.
  • If you have a co-manufacturer relationship with AXA, we will contact you separately. This is also the case for a number of schemes and delegated authority arrangements.
  • Whilst our products have been assessed at an aggregate level, there may be certain aspects we wish to pick up separately with individual broker partners based on information used for the assessment.

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