|Driver Safety & Wellbeing

What is drive iQ?

Drive iQ is a modern, engaging, relevant and flexible online driver safety and well-being programme. Our vision is safer roads for everyone, and to make sure every journey has a positive outcome.

We provide insights and a range of highly effective interventions designed to build small habits into lasting improvement.

How does it work?

Drive iQ is a 12-month programme that puts you in control of your daily driving experience, building small habit changes into lasting behaviours. Our methodology encourages driver safety and well-being for everyone everywhere, no matter what vehicle you drive or how often.

Why use Drive iQ?

Drive iQ is simple to set-up and easy to use. Our online content is of the highest quality and is considerate of both time pressure and cost. By focusing on maximum engagement throughout the year, learning is retained and results improved.

Key benefits

Drive iQ is the ideal solution to keep all of your employees safe, regardless of what type of vehicle they use, how often they drive, where they are located or how experienced they are

The programme can also be accessed from any device making it the most flexible product available.

    • Improved employee safety & well-being
    • Reduced crashes & associated costs
    • Lower insurance premiums
    • Duty of care

    Driver Safety, Compliance and Well-being for Everyone, Everywhere

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