What services do SSS offer?

  • Slip Safety Survey – quantifying your risk using the HSE approved pendulum test so you can truly understand where you have issues
  • Recommendations and Consultancy – giving you a full understanding of the extent and causes of your risk and what can be done to mitigate this
  • Specialist Floorcare Services – practical, cost effective solutions to improve your slip risk profile e.g. anti-slip treatments, deep cleaning, floor restoration
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance Packages – visiting at least once per year to "top-up" the slip resistance through professional deep cleaning and to retest and recertify the floors
  • Support and Advice – help with things such as defensibility, footwear and floor specification choice.

What are the benefits of SSS?

  • Scientific quantification of your risk levels – using the HSE approved pendulum test
  • Once you have measured your risk, you can manage it
  • Measurable reductions in risk through Slip Safety Services’ solutions – typically taking floors from 1 in 200 risks to less than 1 in 1,000,000
  • Typically clients see 60%+ fewer accidents
  • Peace of mind through ongoing monitoring
  • Annual maintenance visits to recertify floors, giving evidence of compliance for claims defensibility.

How do I access this service?

For more information, contact our partner Slip Safety Services at info@slipsafety.co.uk or on 0203 355 5018. Please state that you require the AXA service. Alternatively, please contact your usual AXA representative if you have any further questions.