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Your AXA clients can avoid over or underinsurance with a discounted Kroll property valuation.

Services offered by Kroll

  • Desk-based valuations for non-complex buildings: Kroll will assess each location to determine if a premise can be suitably valued via this route.
  • Digital valuations: Kroll’s new property insurance valuation platform is a robust online tool that provides high-speed, cost-effective and trusted valuations on property data at scale in seconds. The algorithm alerts clients where the data warrants further investigation, and Kroll valuation experts follow up to provide insights and deeper analysis.
  • Site valuation: This process is the traditional method and will apply to large and/or complex buildings. The valuation will also include a rebuild period to allow assessment of rent cover duration and assessment of business interruption indemnity periods.
  • Portfolio analysis: Capability to assess thousands of properties using proprietary software. Kroll cleanses and analyses high-level portfolio data to produce an interactive profile of values at risk.
  • Full contents valuation: This is linked to asset registration used by larger corporations.
  • Critical Plant and machinery valuation: This is an innovative new service in the general UK insurance market. This service will assist with underinsurance within contents sum insured. It will also help with indemnity periods on business interruption to assess likely replacement periods of plant and equipment that could result in business failure if not assessed adequately.

Benefits of Kroll

  • An accurate and reliable valuation to ensure clients will not be overinsured or underinsured.
  • Experienced and qualified surveyors for both desktop and site valuation to estimate rebuilding costs.
  • Nationwide coverage and the ability to value property overseas.
  • An appropriate valuation to suit the individual type of property with no restrictions on the type of property valued.
  • Initial response by Kroll to enquiry within 24 hours.
  • Time to provide quotation: 24 hours for single building quotation and five days for larger portfolios or full plant/machinery valuation.
  • Average waivers guarantee on desk-based valuations, site valuation and full contents valuation (if insuring on reinstatement basis).
  • Exclusivity on desk-based valuations and critical plant valuations for AXA clients.
  • Digital capabilities for both analytical and reporting purposes.
  • Cost-effective digital valuation solutions.
  • Produces replacement costs for buildings, plant and equipment worth over a trillion dollars every year.

How do I access this service?

For more information or to request a valuation quote, contact our partner Kroll, stating that you require the AXA service. Alternatively, please contact your usual AXA representative if you have any further questions.

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