Our service proposition

Our service includes:

  • Dedicated teams and handlers
  • A claims process which drives down cycle times and seeks to settle claims within 24 hours of notification
  • A robust customer focused supply chain with automated system links which aims to speed up the overall customer experience
  • Dedicated claims and Supplier relationship managers to ensure a customer focused approach
  • We use our customer feedback to help shape our current and future service proposition.


Making a commercial property insurance claim

How to contact us

If the policyholder has an incident or claim they need to report to us, then please contact our claims team who will immediately take action to help you.

Claim notification guidelines

The information required for us to register a claim and assist us in adopting our One and Done claims process:



Commercial property claims hints and tips

We have collated a wide range of hints and tips designed to support your policyholder. Areas include fire prevention, flooding and theft.

Fire prevention hints and tips

Theft prevention / security hints and tips

Water Damage / Escape of water / Flood / Storm


Commercial property claims contacts