Agency team

The Agency team is responsible for all aspects of Agency administration by managing the AXA Insurance Agency System.

The team’s responsibilities include:

  • New Applications
  • Commission
  • Networks
  • Agency Transfers
  • E-administration
  • Cover Note Books

New applications

All new applications from brokers wanting to trade with AXA Insurance are processed by the Agency Team. If you would like to set up an agency with us, please email: the following details:

  • Your name
  • Broker name
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • FCA Number
  • Please specify if the agency is for Commercial Lines, Personal Lines or both


Management of Commission processes for all AXA agencies is controlled within the Agency Team. You can contact the Agency team with any queries about your Agency Commission Scales.

Queries about commission on specific policies should be directed to your dedicated AXA account handler.


You can also contact the Agency team to inform us that you have joined, left or changed networks. You should give as much notice as possible of this, as it may affect your commission as well as your credit terms.

Agency transfers

If you wish to transfer multiple policies between agencies, please contact the Agency team. You should include the policy numbers or class of business, as well as the agency numbers involved in the transfer.

For individual policy transfers please contact your dedicated AXA account handler.

Cover Note Books

The Agency Team is responsible for Cover Note Books for temporary Motor Insurance. Please contact the Agency team if you require a Cover Note Book.

How do you contact the Agency team

Please call the number below:

01253 683 122

You can also send us an email.

AXA Insurance
Agency Team
AXA House
4 Parklands

How long will it take to set up my agency?

The amount of time it takes to set up an agency can vary greatly, and is dependent on how quickly we receive the relevant documents for your application (please refer to the list below to make sure you have included all documents in your application). We will consider your application on receipt of all completed documents. If you have been granted an agency, we will send you a Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA). When you have signed and returned your TOBA, you will have a live agency and can begin trading with AXA.

Why do you ask for Agency Guarantees?

The guarantee provides AXA with security in return for granting credit facilities to limited liability companies. The guarantee would normally only be used to recover a debt that remains unpaid when the company enters administration or insolvency, or following termination of our TOBA. In this case, the Agency Guarantee identifies the individual signatories as responsible for any outstanding debt. It is AXA’s policy to request Agency Guarantees for all limited companies.

What is the difference between a Sub‑Agent and an Introducing Agent?

The difference between these two is the function they perform for you. An Introducing Agent provides a contact link between the broker and the client, but is not responsible for refunds or premium collection. This arrangement is covered under our Standard TOBA.

Sub‑Agents perform a similar role, but are typically also responsible for premium collection. Under these circumstances, AXA does grant risk transfer to these Sub‑Agents, but this requires an ‘Intermediate TOBA’. In this case, you must send AXA the details of all intermediaries with whom you have a Sub‑Agency Agreement.

What do I need to include in my application?

  • Agency application form
  • A copy of your Professional Indemnity certificate
  • Letter from your bank to confirm banking arrangements
  • Copies of your latest set of financial statements
  • Agency guarantee form (limited companies only)