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Why use Brightmile?

Brightmile is a software-based fleet risk management solution that helps clients to reduce fleet claims and operational costs.

Their app for drivers and online portal for managers provide actionable insight into business‑related journeys as they happen, while eliminating smartphone distraction – one of the leading causes of traffic accidents.

AXA clients are offered an exclusively low price with no upfront costs.

Services offered by Brightmile

Smartphone app – An engaging app on each driver’s smartphone automatically detects driving trips as soon as a journey begins, collecting data to assess driver behaviour.

Assess and coach drivers – The smartphone can be used to assess and directly coach drivers on the ‘5 Pillars’ of driving behaviour (risk, speeding, distraction, fatigue and eco) as they’re driving.

Manager portal – A secure online portal for company managers delivers actionable insight on fleet risk at a glance, including homepage identification of unsafe drivers and areas for improvement.

Incentivised safety – Safe driving is highlighted and rewarded in the app with ‘brightmiles’ that can be exchanged for ‘bright rewards’ (such as entries into raffles) or donated to charity.

Mileage expensing assistant – The app’s mileage assistant automatically tracks and captures business trips for easy and accurate export, saving drivers’ time and the company’s money.

Benefits of Brightmile

  • Absolutely no hardware, so it’s hassle-free and quick to implement across the whole fleet, including company cars and grey fleet
  • Ensures drivers’ smartphones aren’t being used for any other purpose while driving, removing the distraction that accounts for a large proportion of accident causes
  • Affordable price point (low monthly fee, no upfront costs)
  • Driver friendly as only business driving is monitored and safe driving is rewarded
  • Prevention of collisions before they happen due to real‑time driver coaching
  • Reduced claims frequency and claims costs due to improved driver safety and awareness
  • Assistance with meeting ‘duty of care’ obligations to company drivers in line with Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines
  • Reduced fleet costs across repairs, fuel, and more.

How do I access this service?

To find out more, email Brightmile and state that you require the AXA service.

Alternatively, please contact your usual AXA representative if you have any further questions.

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