Customer journey lifecycle

For each stage of the customer lifecycle we’ve provided information on what good conduct looks like, and why it’s important.

We’ve also provided key questions you can ask yourself to ensure your customers are an important factor in any decisions you make.

Financial promotions and literature

A financial promotion is a publication used to attract customers into buying products.


How a product is positioned is an incredibly important part of selling insurance and this can vary depending on which method of sale is required by the customer.

Demands and needs

Understanding a customers demands and needs allows you to provide a product intended for them.

Aftersales experience

A customer may have reasons to contact you in the period between them purchasing a policy and needing to use it to make a claim or renew.


We believe our intermediary partners don't intend for things to go wrong but unfortunately it will happen at times.


When a customer’s policy is due for renewal, it allows them to assess whether they wish to continue with their current product and insurer.