Why use Safe2Drive?

Safe2Drive provides driving licence checking services and grey fleet support for businesses, including instantly checking their drivers’ and vehicle records against the DVLA database (plus the additional service is available for drivers in Northern Ireland, overseas). These driving licence checks are undertaken on a recurrent basis to ensure businesses remain compliant and reduce their drivers’ road risk.

AXA’s customers are offered a special discounted rate for Safe2Drive’s services.

Services supplied by Safe2Drive

Driving licence checking – Access to the driver’s full driving licence, including current status, entitlement to drive, validity dates, plus past and current endorsements and points

Road risk analysis – Safe2Drive uses a Road Risk Analysis to segment drivers into four risk profiles, determined by the number of points on their licence records. Low, medium, high-risk and drivers without a valid licence. Drivers are checked at different frequencies based on their risk and job role

Instant, secure and encrypted access – The companies employees driving licences records can be accessed/viewed instantly on Safe2Drive’s encrypted web based portal and data can be transferred to the Safe2Drive team from the client via an internal secure file/data transfer mechanism

Mobile access – The Mobile App “Driving for Work” (Licence Checks and Grey Fleet Checks) allows drivers to view and manage their own driving licence and vehicle status, saving their employer administration time, thus ensuring a cost efficient proactive approach

Compliance – Safe2Drive is a member of the AFP (Association of Fleet Professionals), is UK GDPR compliant and has ISO 27001 accreditation plus Cyber Essentials Certified

Value added services – Checks are also available for: drivers outside DVLA jurisdiction, foreign licences, Northern Ireland licences, those outside the company car fleet and grey fleet checks for privately owned vehicle used on company business.

Benefits of Safe2Drive:

  • Instant confirmation that the driver has the correct licence categories for the job, optimising employee onboarding
  • Improved driver compliance, reducing road risk for all drivers within your fleet, as all driving offences (past and present) and number of endorsements are reported
  • Confirmation that drivers are legally allowed to drive in their particular role, improving compliance and enabling the effective insurance cover
  • Ability to verify the driver’s legal name, address and date of birth
  • Highlight expired photocards and also drivers who have passed their test within the last two years
  • Being proactively informed of any new offences following the most recent check
  • Identification of driver restrictions (e.g. eye correction etc), ensures Duty of Care and effective job allocation.

How do I access this service?

For more information or to request a Safe2Drive quote, contact our partner Safe2Drive Solutions Ltd on 0141 260 7272 or email AXA@safe2drive.co.uk. Please state that you require the AXA service.

Alternatively, please contact your usual AXA representative if you have any further questions.