Although this commitment to greater transparency can be applied to every part of our business, the most obvious and beneficial place to start is in claims. It’s often at the point of claim that the lack of understanding of what is and isn’t covered becomes apparent. We understand when a claim is turned down it can be devastating for a customer.

That’s why we’ve developed a library of documents to help your customers better manage their risks. We want to create a greater awareness over what is and isn’t covered by a policy and give them a much clearer understanding of what they are buying.

Equally, we hope that the content of these documents will allow you to engage with your customers more. This could include broader discussions around risk management and what policies and services may be appropriate to the risks that their circumstances pose.

Claims signposting

We've compiled the following documents to provide a much clearer explanation of what customers can expect to happen during a claim and the important role they play.



Common reasons for repudiation

The documents below outline common reasons for claims not being paid and practical guidance to get customers back on their feet as soon as possible.



Explanation of terms and conditions

We have compiled the documents below to explain our terms and conditions in plain English. We want customers to know what they are buying and to make dealing with AXA as easy as possible.



General policy advice

The following documents highlight standard exclusions customers should be aware of when taking out a policy and what to do to ensure that policy conditions aren't breached.



Fraud prevention

The following document outlines in plain English exactly what fraud is and how AXA deals with it.

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