Why use DriverMetrics?

DriverMetrics® is the world’s leading behavioural driver safety programme. It was developed at Cranfield University, the globally‑renowned research and innovation institution, using over 30 years of research into driver behaviour.

Its portfolio of driver profiling tools, together with integrated eLearning, workshop and driver coaching training interventions, are used worldwide by hundreds of businesses.

AXA clients are offered a discounted cost for DriverMetrics’ services, helping them to reduce crash risk and insurance premiums.

Services offered by DriverMetrics

DriverMetrics® Profiling – Identify individual driver risk in your fleet accurately, quickly and efficiently with the most extensively scientifically validated online risk assessment commercially available, anywhere in the world.

eLearning programme – Mitigate identified risks with eLearning that’s proven to change high risk behaviours and reduce the risk of crashes. Fully integrated risk assessment and eLearning programmes – Tailored to the needs of the fleet, customers can choose between:

  • DriverMetrics®360 – Designed for larger fleets that require a comprehensive risk management programme. Includes online driver risk assessment and detailed, personalised report, a management information system and 20+ eLearning, eye scanning and hazard monitoring modules.
  • DriverMetrics®GO – For smaller fleets, looking for a quick and easy entry level solution. Includes online risk assessment and summary reporting, automatically allocated eLearning and optional modules.

In-vehicle coaching and driver workshops – An optional service, tailored to the needs of individual driver profiling reports.

Benefits of DriverMetrics®:

  • A proven driver risk reduction programme – up to 50% reduction in crashes
  • Validated by 30 years of scientific research and 70+ peer reviewed academic journal papers
  • Extensive expertise in changing driver behaviour – a major contributing factor in 95% of crashes
  • Delivered digitally to eliminate ‘out of work’ time for drivers, enabling clients to focus on core business
  • A truly international solution, with 30+ languages available
  • Specialist variants available for a range of different driver types e.g. fleet, truck
  • Comprehensive Management Information System enabling fleet-wide safety management.

How do I access this service?

For more information or to request a valuation quote, contact our partner DriverMetrics at: resources.drivermetrics.com/axa/ on 01234 436221 or email contact@drivermetrics.com. Please state that you require the AXA service.

Alternatively, please contact your usual AXA representative if you have any further questions.