AXA Retail confirms home insurance cover for clients opening their doors to Ukrainian refugees

20 March 2023

With the current atrocities happening in Ukraine, we’re lost for words and our thoughts are with all those impacted by these events. But a global effort to support is shining through, and we’re amazed (but not surprised) to hear of so many people willing to open their doors and welcome Ukrainian refugees into their homes.

With that in mind, we want to make it clear that if your client has a home insurance policy, underwritten by AXA, we’re temporarily treating their Ukrainian guests as family. So they’re covered, just like any other member of the family permanently residing in the home.

We want to help as best we can and that’s why we’ve committed to the following:

  • Your clients don’t need to let us know if they’re taking in Ukrainian refugees temporarily and their cover will not be impacted.
  • Ukrainian guests will temporarily be treated as members of the family, and therefore fall under the standard terms of the policy.
  • Their belongings will temporarily be covered by the usual policy limits.

Your clients just need to let us know if any Ukrainian guests intend to become a permanent resident of the property. We’re supportive of our customers helping with the humanitarian efforts and hope these measures will allow them to do so with peace of mind.