Why use ROBUST?

ROBUST enables your clients to put in place a more detailed and manageable Business Continuity plan free of charge. AXA has co-funded the development of this tool as supported by the Fire Protection Association (FPA) and RISC Authority. ROBUST is also designed to specifically address the hurdles which have been identified as preventing companies from continuity planning

Benefits of the ROBUST service include:

  • The ROBUST service is free to download and use
  • Requires no other paid-for software elements aside from the computer’s operating system
  • Designed with logical workflow and is easily recognisable within normal company structures
  • Supplies feedback on quality and completeness
  • Provides all output in a format suitable for insertion into other company documentation
  • It provides the user with all necessary training to develop a plan

For businesses that require more hands on assistance in preparing their business continuity planning process AXA can assist by providing a face to face consultancy service at an extra cost.

How do I access this service?

Visit the ROBUST website to find out more. Alternatively, contact your AXA representative or email riskmanagement@axa-insurance.co.uk