Market-leading cover we offer:

  • Directors' and Officers' (D&O)
  • Company Legal Liability (CLL)
  • Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

Our Management Liability Policy is available to any UK registered Private Limited Company, Charities, Clubs and Associations excluding those in the legal sector, professional football or rugby clubs or financial services sector.

We've strengthened our cover

  • NEW: Brexit cover for claims arising from the UKs exit from the EU
  • NEW: Tax investigation cover
  • NEW: Third party and telephone fraud cover

Standard cover includes:

  • All regulatory investigations and prosecutions
  • Employment claims
  • Pension claims
  • Pollution claims clean-up costs - £25,000
  • Contract disputes - defence and pursuit costs
  • Regulatory mitigation cover
  • Lifetime 'run off' cover for retired directors
  • Infringement of copyright and defence costs up to £50,000
  • D&O cover is worldwide including USA
  • Employee dishonesty with standard £100,000 limit

For more information on specific cover, please have a look at our factsheets or the Policy Wording and Summary of Cover documents above.

UK Companies Policy Wording:

  • £25,000 pursuit cover for contract disputes and debt recovery
  • £100,000 data protection breach customer/supplier contact cover
  • £25,000 negative social media and crisis public relations costs
  • £25,000 circumstance investigation/mitigation costs
  • Tax investigation cover
  • HSE Fees for intervention payments
  • Deprivation of assets
  • Non-indemnifiable additional limit for Directors
  • Employment civil fines
  • Option to extend employee dishonesty cover to full crime.

Since 2015 we've offered:

  • Insurance Act 2015 compliance
  • Employment practices and Company legal liability sections only cancellable by AXA for non-payment of premium
  • Change in risk condition deleted
  • Alteration condition deleted
  • Any excess payable only charged at the end of a claim.

rradar - Smarter Legal Services:

rradar is AXA’s exclusive legal services partner under the Management Liability Policy and is a litigation and commercial law firm that specialises not only in the management of legal crises, but also in the education and prevention of them in the first place.

rradar combine professional legal representation and specialist advisory services to offer AXA MLP policyholders a unique service. Business risks and claims are proactively minimised by access to their proactive expert legal, regulatory and risk management advice and support at no extra cost.

For brokers we have developed a support programme tailored to help you understand the unique benefits of the MLP that help maximise MLP sales, achieve targets and boost policyholder retention and loyalty. Other resources provided to broker partners include bespoke marketing collateral and sector specific case studies, live demonstrations of rradar’s digital tools, regular contact and support from rradar’s Business Development team. For more information download a guide for brokers brochure below.

Policy wordings

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