Key features and benefits

  • Roadside assistance to repair the vehicle at the roadside or provide transport for the customer and up to 6 passengers to their destination or suitable local garage within 15 miles
  • Nationwide recovery to transport customers to their departure or destination point, provide overnight accommodation or 24 hour vehicle hire if the vehicle can't be repaired at the roadside
  • Homestart if the customer breaks down within 1 mile of their home or the vehicle will be taken to a garage within 15 miles
  • Generous 13% commission level.

How do I trade AXA Car Plus?

We're committed to delivering our products to market by the most effective routes possible therefore AXA Car is available to trade electronically via your software house. It is available via full cycle EDI on the following software houses:

  • Acturis
  • Applied Systems
  • CDL
  • Open GI
  • SSP

Policy documents

AXA Car Plus policy wording

AXA Car Plus useful information

AXA Car Plus insurance product information document

CMA average no claims bonus table

Making a claim

If your client has experienced a loss, it’s important that we know as soon as possible to support them through the claim process and help them get things back to normal. Come and find all the information and guidance you may need.

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