Policy wordings



Full limit extensions

Collateral warranties
  • Cover for liability incurred under a collateral warranty, provided that the benefit of that warranty is no greater or longer lasting than the contract it relates to. There is no limit to number of assignments of the collateral warranty.
Mitigation costs
  • Cover for costs that the policyholder incurs in trying to prevent an error from escalating into a full-blown claim. AXA’s approval is required before incurring these costs.
Disputed fees
  • AXA will pay unpaid fees for work done by the policyholder where there are reasons to believe the policyholder’s customer will claim against the policyholder if the they are pursued for payment.
Data Protection Act cover
  • Cover for defence costs in defending criminal proceedings brought under certain sections of the Data Protection Act 1998.
Injury or property damage
  • Covers claims arising from injury or property damage, provided that the injury or damage is directly due to negligence by the policyholder in the course of their professional business.
Dishonesty of employees
  • Cover in the event a third party suffers loss and seeks recovery from the policyholder following dishonest actions of an employee, e.g. misappropriation of funds.
Loss of documents
  • Cover for the cost or replacing or restoring your own documents, or a third party's documents that were in your custody and control, that are lost or damaged in the course of the professional business.

Sub-limit extensions

Pollution - Full limit in the aggregate
  • Cover for the costs of re-design, re-specification, remedy or rectification of a structure arising from pollution due to the policyholder's negligence.
Asbestos - £250,000 each period
  • Cover for the cost of rectification or reduction in value due to the dispersal or presence of asbestos caused by the policyholder's negligence.
Cyber liability - £100,000
  • Cover for certain liabilities arising from the policyholder transacting their business via the internet or electronically.
Court attendance costs - Up to £300 per day / £15,000 in total in each policy period
  • Compensation for time away from the business due to attending an investigation or court hearing connected to a claim covered by the policy.

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