Why use VUE?

VUEgroup provides in‑vehicle CCTV and Telematics to help minimise incidents from fleet vehicles and increase defensibility. Their cloud‑based software provides the secure transfer and viewing of videos, along with fleet and driver data analytics.

VUE is highly respected within the fleet insurance market and works closely with fleet operators to understand priorities and deliver both quick wins and sustainable benefits.

AXA’s clients are offered a discounted price to help manage their fleet risk.

Services offered by VUE

The VUEmatics range provides industry-leading CCTV and telematics units in a one-box solution, with 3G connectivity for remote access. Many companies have a variety of vehicles in their fleet and the VUEmatics range has something for all types of vehicles, so one system can be used across the fleet. As well as cars, vans and trucks, the VUEmatics range can be fitted to any mobile plant equipment with a power source, from Forklift trucks to golf buggies.

The VUEconnected portal allows remote monitoring of all the fleet vehicles in one place: track vehicles, view live footage, download video and create a range of reports by vehicle and/or driver. Alerts can be set for speeding, out‑of-hours use, and unauthorised users (no driver ID) etc. The VUEcloud portal stores, manages and securely shares CCTV footage, photos and files, to assist the claims process.

VUEcloud can also be used for driver training.

VUEanalytics helps turn the data into actions. Visualise, analyse and improve both fleet and driver performance by combining driver behaviour telematics with claims data – perfect for driver appraisals.

VUEdrive is a driver-facing app to help fleet drivers monitor, learn and self‑manage their driving performance.

Benefits of VUE's service:

  • By identifying the aims and priorities, VUE works with clients to achieve both quick wins and long-term goals
  • The tools help manage a fleet and improve driver behaviour, reducing accident frequency, claims costs and operational costs
  • Remotely downloadable CCTV footage increases the speed of accessing and securely sharing incident information between AXA and other relevant parties
  • Telematics data shows relevant information alongside the footage, such as location, speed, and activity (for example, harsh breaking, aggressive acceleration, indicating, reversing, etc)
  • Easy-to-interpret summary graphs and league tables show how drivers are performing out on the road, including harsh breaking, aggressive acceleration, harsh cornering and speeding reports.

How do I access this service?

Different vehicles will require a different specification of cameras, sensors and monitors. Contact VUE to discuss your requirements and the best solution on 0161 877 2257 (select option 1) or via email axa@vue-cctv.co.uk or sales@vue-cctv.co.uk. Please state that you require the AXA service.

Alternatively, please contact your usual AXA representative if you have any further questions.