Quality off-the-shelf packaged products

Many of your customers’ needs can be met quickly with our packaged policies, so we can help by making that as quick and pain-free as possible. Access a suite of SME products that are designed to be traded digitally, offering you fast, comprehensive and competitive cover, all at the touch of a button.

The personal touch, when it’s needed

We know that certain clients and exposures need a more bespoke approach. That’s why we’ll always have someone you can meet and talk with to develop a solution that suits both you and your customer.

Your Mid-market solution

AXA Vantage gives your mid-market clients tailored, trade-specific products, supported by an award-winning and transparent Claims service, market-leading in-house Risk Management, and a host of unique value-added services.

Schemes for Commercial clients

Combining an entrepreneurial approach to deals, a choice of commission models with the opportunity to benefit from our new AXA Growth lab and investment in specialist schemes expertise, we firmly believe we are the only commercial insurer who can offer a true partnership for growth.

International Services

Where clients need insurance for international operations, we're here to help. We’re experienced in supporting businesses as they grow overseas, so you can be sure they’re in safe hands throughout the journey.

Risk Management

We understand that risk management plays an integral role in the service you offer to your customers. We’re therefore delighted to support you with access to exclusive risk management market leading services.

How to make a claim

We delivers fast and efficient claims service across our commercial motor, motor trade, property and liability products.