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Real Estate

Our risk appetite

Portfolios with a bias towards standard construction will always be favoured by us. We’re keen to write more:

  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Sprinkler protected premises
  • Commercial property owners

What we offer

Our Business Combined product offers extensive cover as standard across:

  • Buildings
  • Rental income
  • Public Liability
  • Alternative residential accommodation
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Terrorism

Bespoke sector cover

Tailored to this sector we offer cover for:

  • Eviction of squatters expenses
  • Fly tipping costs
  • Illegal cultivation of drugs
  • Capital additions
  • Removal of vermin
  • Additional management fees following damage
  • Additional metered water charges following damage
  • Archaeological discoveries
  • Contract works
  • Contractors interest
  • Liability under Landlord and Tenants
  • Covenants Act 1995 (Privity of Contract)
  • Landscape gardens

Helping clients reduce risk

Our in-house team of 50 UK based Business Resilience experts are experienced in all aspects of real estate risk management.

Building valuation service: Removes the average condition for buildings and reduces the risk of underinsurance.

Unoccupied buildings: We have an exclusive agreement with First Response Group who offer specialist protection services.

Escape of water We work with LeakSafe to keep premiums down by reducing claims frequency and severity.

Electrical inspections: We work with Guardian Electrical to ensure legal compliance and protection for employees and property.


We aim to be indisputably and consistently the best claims team in the UK. We offer:

  • Dedicated Claims Relationship Managers and tailored claims review meetings
  • An online claims tracking tool (eServe) and the transfer of cash payments to customer accounts in minutes
  • Monthly claims analytics reports
  • Property 'one and done' potentially negating the new for a broker claims DA

Giving you more

rradar: We’ve also teamed up with rradar, a law firm that offers free expert legal, regulatory and risk management advice. They help clients proactively understand and manage their risks before they become a problem and navigate them over any legal hurdles, should any arise.

Property Claims Inflation Guide

We’ve put together a practical guide, which covers how property claims inflation is driving up premiums, and what can be done to limit the impact.