AXA has acquired the renewal rights to Ageas’s commercial business

On 15 February 2022 AXA UK & Ireland announced the acquisition of the renewal rights to Ageas’s commercial business.

  • The acquisition further strengthens AXA’s growth strategy and commitment to its commercial business customers and broker partnerships, particularly in the SME and delegated authority market segments.
  • AXA has long supported SME businesses in the UK, having already invested in products and propositions to support them, delivered with a responsive service and digital offering designed to meet specific needs of both customers and brokers.
  • As part of the agreement, around 100 Ageas employees will move to AXA to provide capacity in servicing the migrating business. This will enable AXA to continue to provide a seamless operation and maintain quality, tailored relationships with brokers and clients, prioritising excellent service and value.
  • The acquisition will see renewals transferred to AXA Commercial UK from June 2022. As part of the transaction, Ageas will continue to manage and provide ongoing service across all policies until they are underwritten by AXA at renewal. AXA, alongside Ageas, will work closely with brokers to ensure positive customer outcomes continue to be delivered. This acquisition does not include the back book, which will remain with Ageas.

Read our Broker FAQs below for more information.

Progress update on the migration of Ageas policies

Read our latest progress update as we continue to migrate Ageas products and policies across to AXA platforms.

Digital migration roadmap

We’re pleased to confirm that our Digital product migration roadmap is now complete and available to share with you all.

Contact details - policies migrated from Ageas

Contact details relating to policies which have moved to AXA following the acquisition of the renewal rights to Ageas’s commercial business.

AXA Commercial – Broker FAQ

With every acquisition we are aware that there will be diverse questions from our broker partners. As you might expect at this early stage of the deal there are some points that we can provide clarity on now, and others that we will clarify in a regular engagement programme up until the day we go live, and beyond.

AXA is committed to open and transparent communication throughout the next few months, ahead of the day we go live, and then ongoing through year one.

But for now it is very much business as usual and you can trade with AXA and Ageas just as you normally would; and we will be in touch again soon.

If you have any further questions that aren't covered below please email


Future plans/strategy

Broker Trading