Services offered by Leaksafe

Leaksafe tailor their systems to suit the type of building and occupancy and offer a number of solutions including:

  • automatic wireless or wired water shut off systems,
  • automated flow control and leak detection systems
  • monitoring and notification systems.

Leaksafe systems are modular and can be upgraded offering flexible solutions in a variety of applications.

Benefits of Leaksafe service

  • The use of wireless technology keeps costs low and disruption at installation to a minimum
  • Leaksafe can be installed as a wireless or a wired system or a combination of both
  • For larger premises a survey service is available to determine the best Leaksafe option to meet requirements
  • An optional nationwide installation service is available on all Leaksafe systems.

Leaksafe is appropriate for mains, gravity, and pressurised water systems in all types of commercial premises.

Leaksafe services explained

How do I access this service?

To find out more, email Leaksafe and state that you require the AXA service.

Alternatively, please contact your usual AXA representative if you have any further questions.

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