Building successful partnerships

Our SME Business Development team can help you win and retain customers and improve profitability with a tailored solution based on your goals.

Grow your account

We’ll work with you to create a custom-made solution, like helping you move manual business online.

Improve your business mix

Whether you’re looking to extend a certain product line, or bolster and diversify your business mix, we can help provide a tailored solution.

Consolidate or expand

Streamline your book of business to a smaller insurer panel, or spread business across multiple insurers.

What we offer

Our SME Business Development team can help you win and retain customers and improve profitability with a tailored solution based on your goals:

  • New or existing – we’ll work within an established AXA deal, or create a new bespoke offering
  • Due diligence –prompt and thorough due diligence of the book, dependent on provided information
  • SME Development Passport – we can provide access to a training programme for staff new to insurance
  • Regular newsletters – keeping you up-to-date with the latest SME and deal performance updates

Depending on the size of the commitment, we can offer you something in return (some examples below) but not limited to:

  • Price matching/discounting
  • Commission change
  • Cover enhancements
  • Document branding

  • Enhanced earnings
  • Training time contributes towards CII record
  • Ignition and rradar training
  • Bespoke direct debit charge
  • Profit share
  • Work transfer fees
  • Growth rewards
  • Contribution towards IT development

Business Development Team

We’ll help you create a proposition that wins you customers, streamlines your business processes and offers relevant rewards.

Our team has a wealth of experience as underwriters, account managers and deals managers - managing deals offers ranging from discount-only solutions to fully branded bespoke product suites.

You can also access:

  • An SME Deals Manager – who will provide regular product and system training, delivered face-to-face or online, help staff use any trading tools available and continually monitor and provide Deals performance updates to management teams.
  • An SME Business Development Manager – who will be responsible for working with you to increase GWP and monitor profitability performance and work with you to identify areas for growth such as cross sell of other suitable SME products for your customers.
  • 120 strong team of SME underwriters and support staff.

Want to discuss an opportunity?

Submitting an opportunity for consideration to us is easy, please follow the two simple steps below.

  • Complete our quick SME Fact Find form. We’ll review and provide you with right deal options for you. We’ll also outline what benefits we can apply to your existing and new SME business, as well as any cases you already hold with AXA.
  • Once complete, simply share your SME Fact Find form with our Deals team by emailing

Your deal contacts

SME Deals Team


SME Deals Development Manager

Kim Atkinson
Tel: 07775 019368