Why use Fleet Risk Review?

An essential feature of any successful and profitable business is a robust and effective risk management programme.

We believe that quality assurance forms the basis of successfully managing risk, and with our partners we’re constantly working to provide innovative and bespoke risk management solutions for our clients within the motor fleet market.

The purpose of this health check for your business is to support you in continually evolving your practices and procedures, and to ensure that you have a means of benchmarking what you currently do against best practice in the motor fleet sector.

Services offered by Fleet Risk Review

Available to all our motor fleet customers free of charge, the online questionnaire is the first step on your risk management journey with us.

From this initial health check, you’ll have a high-level view of the risks most likely to result in a motor claim, and whether you’re taking the best steps to protect yourself, your business and your drivers, as well as being able to identify any gaps in your compliance and understanding how they might be addressed.

Benefits of Fleet Risk Review?

  • Fleet risk review is a free, online tool allowing customers to quickly and easily take a healthcheck of their current motor fleet risk management practices and policies
  • Suitable for all motor fleet customers, from micro-SME through to mid-corporate sized businesses
  • Quick and easy to complete, the website is optimised for mobile use and the questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes to complete – perfect for time poor customers who still want to give focus to fleet management within their business
  • The output from the completed questionnaire provides a gap analysis for motor fleet operators and gives guidance on how any gaps could be addressed. Importantly it also details why compliance in these areas is important
  • The guidance is broken down into sections, giving customers more specific advice on areas such as driver management and in-vehicle technology and highlighting the positives in what they are doing as well as possible areas for improvement
  • Completion of the questionnaire acts as a means of entry into AXA’s wider risk management offering and allows customers to follow up with a specialist Business Resilience Manager should they so choose
  • It helps to meet Health & Safety obligations and demonstrate a duty of care towards operational road risks and managing those who drive for work

How do I access this service?

Start your review at: https://fleetriskreview.com/