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We’re moving!

From 1 April 2021, the registered office address of AXA Insurance will be:

20 Gracechurch Street

If you trade with us in London, we’ll share more with you soon on when we’ll be opening and can welcome you to our new office!

Please note that email addresses and telephone numbers of your contacts will remain unchanged.

The steps you need to take depend on how you trade with us. The main area this will impact you is documentation:

If you’re a Commercial Lines Delegated Authority broker 

  • We’re aware that you have documents containing our registered details, that will require amending in advance of the above date. Your AXA contact will be in touch to advise of the next steps for your Delegated Authority documentation.

If you trade with our Commercial branch network

  • We’re aware that you have materials, containing our registered details, for which you take responsibility.
  • Any documentation or materials that are printed by you will need to be altered to incorporate the new address from 1 April 2021.
  • In the run up to 1 April we suggest that you start to run down stocks containing the current Old Broad Street registered address.
  • PDF versions of all documents are available for you to download from AXA Connect should you need to print or send on digitally.

If you're a Personal Lines broker 

We are aware that you may have materials and websites, containing our registered office details, for which you take responsibility. Any documentation, materials or websites that are printed or issued by you will need to be altered to incorporate the new address.

The following are some examples of where references to the AXA Registered Office Address may be contained:

  • Policy Wording
  • Schedules (New Business, Renewal, MTA and Cancellation)
  • Statement of Fact
  • Letters
  • Useful information / Product Summary leaflet

In the lead up to the change we suggest that you start to run down stocks.

‘Protect our Planet’ is one of our Corporate Responsibility pillars and as such we encourage the use of digital documents and reducing the number of printed documents.

With a PDF version you have more control. You can download any document from our library on AXA Connect, save it for future, print a version or send it on digitally.

Website changes

*New navigational structure.

We've started taking necessary steps to improve the way brokers experience the AXA Connect website. During Q1, we're introducing a new navigational structure to the site meaning we can deliver a richer website experience. Whilst the changes are carefully rolled out, you may encounter some web pages which have a new look and feel and which include a side navigation, whilst some without. The changes are being made carefully to ensure minimum disruption to the overall integrity of the site and broker experience. We expect to complete the roll out during Q1, and will update this section on completion.

Examples of the new side navigation is shown below.

Broker Learning Zone side navigation example screenshot

Health and Wellbeing Zone side navigation example screenshot