LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) Cleaning

Indoor air quality is increasingly in the public eye thanks to greater recognition of the impact of poorer air quality on health and wellbeing. While this is generally an important issue, in many industries, as well as some educational and scientific research applications, the activities within facilities can create greater potential indoor air pollution challenges.

The regular cleaning and maintenance of a local exhaust ventilation system is an important measure for safeguarding workers and occupants in these settings.

Legionella Control

A safe water supply has long been recognised as a vital aspect of public health and is one of the key areas of responsibility for landlords and property managers. Any negligence in these areas can result in legal proceedings and potentially serious fines and penalties. It’s important to comply with all the relevant legal requirements and to choose a specialist provider who’ll help you to fulfil your legal responsibilities in your water plan formulation and management.

Legionella bacteria can cause the serious and potentially life-threatening illness known as Legionnaire’s Disease. This ‘flu-like illness is debilitating to most people, but particularly serious for those with underlying health problems, the elderly and the very young. Sadly, around 12% of those who contract this illness die as a result, so your insurer is naturally very keen for you to comply with all your Legionella control responsibilities.

Fire damper testing

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