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AXA’s Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety Service

Of all occupancy types, food and drink premises are the third most likely trade group for large fires*. Risks in kitchens are numerous and not just limited to deep oil frying. Poor management control of the grease build up within extraction systems is also a huge contributor to the spread of fire.

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Whilst it is very important to maintain good management of the cooking equipment and extraction ducting, there is always the chance of fire. A large proportion of restaurants worldwide choose to enhance their protection with fire suppression.  

To ensure the complete solution is available with superior suppliers, AXA have created the Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety Service with Swiftclean for kitchen extract fire safety cleaning and ANSUL for fire suppression.  

*RISC Authority Large Loss Database 2009-2014 - losses in excess of £100,000

Why use Swiftclean and ANSUL?

Swiftclean has a proven track record of superior customer service and maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism over 30 years of trading. They provide national coverage in the UK and only use directly employed staff who are fully trained to industry standards.

ANSUL is the preferred choice for many millions of clients worldwide, having developed the very first system over 50 years ago. They are now the global leaders in kitchen fire suppression using the ANSUL® R-102 and ANSUL® Piranha Systems. 

Benefits of the Swiftclean service include:  

  • Customers from single site cafes through to multi-national chains
  • Guaranteed to be on site for initial assessment and quotation within 5 working days (emergency reactive service also available for contracted customers)
  • Free initial site inspection within five working days
  • 10% discount for AXA customers

Benefits of the ANSUL service include:

  • Both R-102 and Piranha are pre-engineered systems, meaning each has been independently performance tested and verified by Third Party Approval Bodies; United Laboratories (UL300) and the Loss Prevention Council Board (LPS1223)
  • Carefully selected nationwide ANSUL Distributors who are fully trained, authorised and audited by Tyco Fire Protection Products and approved by AXA, are available to conduct site surveys free of charge
  • ANSUL is recognised and approved by the majority of insurers
  • 15% discount for AXA customers

Benefits of combining the two services include:

  • Inspectors of either the Swiftclean or ANSUL service will complete basic checks to determine whether systems appear effective (for example, ANSUL nozzles are correctly positioned for the equipment at risk)
  • ANSUL linkage and components are cleaned to ANSUL specification
  • Minimise disruption by combined service visits
  • Free compliance awareness training

How do I get this service?

Contact Swiftclean on 0800 243 471, or via email at

Contact ANSUL on 0161 259 4000, or via email at

Please quote the ‘AXA Service’.


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Swiftclean Kitchen Extract Compliance

Swiftclean offer Kitchen Extract guidance to help you ensure that your kitchen remains healthy, safe, legal and compliant - download the Kitchen Extract Compliance document for more information.