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At AXA, we believe the most successful businesses are the ones who invest in growth and we want to be the commercial insurer you choose to partner with for the growth of your schemes business. 

We know that offering a broad appetite and competitive price is no longer enough to differentiate us from the rest of the market which is why we’ve worked hard to develop a proposition that has growth and flexibility at its core. So, whether you’re an existing commercial AXA Schemes broker or looking to partner with us on a commercial scheme for the first time, we want to work with you. 

Combining an entrepreneurial approach to deals, a choice of commission models with the opportunity to benefit from our new AXA Growth lab and investment in specialist schemes expertise, we firmly believe we are the only commercial insurer who can offer a true partnership for growth.

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Our Quick Fact Find consists of a few short questions which can be completed below or download the PDF and email it to our commercial mailbox .

We use this information to evaluate your scheme and assess whether our commercial team want to pursue a piece of business within 48 hours of submission.

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