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Business Combined Insurance

Our Business Combined Insurance policy is available for new business and renewal business with effect from 12th August 2016.

Cover is flexible, making it easier for you to tailor cover to your customers' needs.

  • Clearer Policy Wordings specific to particular sectors.
  • Cover extensions are automatically built into wordings with flexible extension limits displayed clearly the schedule specific to your customers' needs.
  • All limits of indemnity are clearly shown on the re-designed policy schedule along with all excesses applicable to the chosen cover.
  • Policy wordings and schedules are available electronically.

Your clients can choose from the following cover options:

  • Property & Casualty Cover Options

    Cover options available include:

    • Accounts receivable
    • Annual gross rentals, estimated gross rentals or gross rentals
    • Annual gross revenue, estimated gross revenue or gross revenue
    • Estimated gross profit or gross profit
    • Increase in cost of working
    • Additional increase in cost of working
    • Exhibitions cover
    • Theft of building cover
    • Transit cover
    • Unspecified customers cover
    • Increased inflation protection cover options also available.

    This provides your clients with insurance against exposure to professional legal expenses in connection with a variety of events with the provision of legal advice.

    • Cover is on a 'claims made' basis

    A standard limit of up to a maximum of £500,000 is payable in any one period of insurance shown on the schedule

    Covers available include:

    • Contract disputes (optional)
    • Employment disputes
    • Criminal prosecution
    • Property disputes
    • Data protection
    • Tax protection and VAT disputes
    • Statutory licence
    • Personal injury
    • Jury service allowance

    This cover will give your clients unlimited access to the AXA legal advice line.

    Our Computer Insurance policy section covers 3 main areas:

    • Computer equipment
    • Reinstatement of data
    • Increased cost of working  

    This cover gives your clients protection in respect of legal liability for bodily injury to employees.

    • Basis of cover is for bodily injury 'caused' and not 'sustained' during the period of insurance
    • Manslaughter costs, with a standard limit of £1,000,000 (increased limits can be arranged)
    • Safety legislation costs, with a standard limit of £1,000,000 (increased limits can be arranged)
    • Terrorist Act cover limit of £5,000,000
    • Compensation for court attendance costs - £500 per day for any director, partner or employed person 
    • Cover available for overseas employees working for a company based in the UK for claims brought under UK law.

    An additional range of covers is available to meet your clients' needs, including:

    • loss or damage to computer equipment 
    • reinstatement of data and the resultant increased cost of working following the interruption to a business following a loss.

    This covers your clients against financial losses arising out of a defect in or the unsuitability of products or services.

    This cover is available when a Public and Products Liability or a Public Liability (building and allied trades) section is in force.

    • Cover includes breach of contract not restricted to negligent acts
    • Cover provided on a 'claims made' basis
    • Notification of circumstances cover included

    Insurance to protect property while in transit either in own vehicles or while being carried by a third party.

    Included as standard:

    • Additional expenses cover up to £10,000 for any one claim
    • Demonstration or approval cover up to the consignment limit
    • Exports (free on board/free on aircraft) cover
    • Packers' premises cover up to the consignment limit
    • Personal effects cover up the £500 for any one claim

    This is All Risks cover to protect your clients' business money.  

    Cover includes:

    • Definitions to separate negotiable and non-negotiable money
    • Fraudulent use of credit cards cover
    • No age limit applicable on personal accident assault
    • £500 counselling costs under personal accident assault section

    Insurance cover to protect your clients' buildings, contents, stock and other items against damage caused by an insured peril.

    Cover includes:

    • Theft is included as a peril, so no separate theft section
    • Separate perils for storm and flood with new defined terms
    • Buildings constructed from metal or composite panels insulated with materials other than polystyrene will be regarded as being of Standard Construction
    • Freezer contents
    • Theft damage to buildings
    • Unauthorised use of utilities
    • Unspecified storage sites
    • Terrorism Act cover is available upon request
    • 72-hour wording wording to treat incidents of storm or flood damage as one loss.

    This cover gives your clients protection in respect of legal liability for injury to third parties or for damage to their property.

    Cover includes:

    • "Non accidental" wording is subject to an exclusion for deliberate acts
    • Variable limits of indemnity available up to £10,000,000 for certain risks
    • Products and Services covered worldwide except for North America where cover is subject to information
    • Legionella is no longer excluded, subject to precautions condition
    • Wider personal liabilities cover
    • Contingent motor liabilities cover extends to European Union
    • Asbestos exclusion applies
    • Professional Duty exclusion applies
    • Subcontractor's condition now in the wording rather than by endorsement
    • Manslaughter costs, with a standard limit of £1,000,000 (increased limits can be arranged)
    • Safety legislation costs, with a standard limit of £1,000,000
    • Terrorist act cover, with a standard limit of £2,000,000 (increased limits may be available)
    • Data protection cover, with a standard limit of £250,000 (increased limits can be arranged)
    • Environmental clean-up cover, with a standard limit of £100,000 (increased limits available for most risks up to £1,000,000).  
    • Cover for compensation for court attendance costs to £500 per day for any director, partner or employed person.

    An All Risks cover to protect specific items in the UK and, optionally, elsewhere.

    Cover includes:

    • Cover is available to cover items at the business premises, in the UK, in the European Union or Worldwide
    • Excesses show on the schedule against each specific item. The higher excess will apply if multiple items subject to one claim.

    This covers your clients against:

    • Acts of Terrorism
    • Damage to the property insured
    • Business interruption

    This provides cover for your clients for loss of money or property due to employee dishonesty or acts of fraud.

    • Includes previous insurance 'interlocking' clause
    • No separate standards of control questionnaire needs to be completed. 
  • This is a summary of some of the covers, exclusions and conditions of the insurance provided as part of our Business Combined Insurance contract. They do not form part of an insurance contract. You can find full terms and conditions of the cover in the relevant section of the policy wording.