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Making a Claim

How to contact us

If the policyholder has an incident or claim they need to report to us, then please contact our claims team who will immediately take action to help you.

Claim notification guidelines

Our research has shown that, on average, the delay in notification of a liability claim is approximately 6 months.

In many cases, such delays result in missed opportunities which can have a significant effect in reducing the cost of the claim.

For example:

  • Being unable to collect detailed witness evidence due to memory fading over time, initiating a rehabilitation expert at an early stage
  • No opportunity to view damage on property cases and
  • Contract documentation not being available

Therefore, any incident that displays the following characteristics should be notified to AXA immediately:

Where a claim has been received - Injury and Property Damage

  • Incidents involving a formal claim against the policyholder
  • In all cases, the incident should be notified immediately to AXA

Where a claim has not been received - Injury

  • Claims involving injury to employees or third parties

Incidents that include any of the following are, in our experience, likely to lead to a formal claim and should be notified immediately:

  • Injury involving absences from work of 7 days or more (including weekends and bank holidays). This is in line with the RIDDOR reporting criteria.
  • Injury to a minor* excluding trivial bumps and bruises not requiring professional medical treatment.
  • Head injury excluding trivial bumps and bruises not requiring professional medical treatment.
  • Fatalities
  • Incidents requiring ambulance attendance
  • Hospital treatment whether as an in-patient or out-patient
  • Fractures, Loss of finger(s) and all other amputations

*person under the age of 18.

Where a claim has not been received - Property damage

  • All incidents that result in damage that could lead to a claim should be reported to us, irrespective of whether the Insured feel that they are liable or not.