AXA Connect

Our Service Proposition

Our level of technical expertise is widely acknowledged in the industry as being market leading.

We invest heavily to ensure our people deliver the best customer experience when handling your claim.

  • Highly skilled claims technicians, most with a CII qualification
  • Dedicated teams and handlers that offer case ownership from notification to settlement
  • A proactive approach to claims settlement including active use of mediation and rehabilitation services
  • Award-winning Claims Investigation team that offers national coverage and provision of risk improvement advice to customers on-site
  • External partnerships with trusted and dedicated Loss Adjusters on third party property damage claims.

Liability Claims Offering

Notification of Claim

  • E-notification via fax or email
  • Flexible notification process


  • External Partnerships with Solicitors
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mediation

Claims Handling

  • Case Ownership
  • Expert Claims Handlers

Contacting AXA

  • Dedicated Teams
  • DDI Numbers
  • Flexible approach to meet needs of broker / customer
  • Bespoke contact options (email, fax PO box telephone)

Use of In House investigators

  • In-house Claims investigations Team for on-site investigations
  • Provision of Risk Improvement advice to customers on-site
  • Broker / customer option to attend investigation visits
  • Post investigation broker call to discuss Liability

Supply Chain

  • External Partnerships with Dedicated Loss Adjusters