Aftersales experience

A customer may have reasons to contact you in the period between them purchasing a policy and needing to use it to make a claim or renew.

Policy servicing

It is likely that a customer contacting you, outside of a claim or renewal window, wants to make a policy servicing request. They are usually mid-term adjustments but could be that a customer wants to obtain a better understanding of their product.

These calls are a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment to your customers, and that you put them first, by taking the time to listen, understand and act.

  • Listen to their concerns - whilst they may seem basic to you, they may be causing the customer a great deal of concern.
  • Take time to understand their request, you need to understand a problem before you can solve it.
  • If you cannot help them with their request – pass that onto a person who can, manage your customer’s expectations on when they may receive a response.
  • Be aware of the characteristics of vulnerability and make reasonable adjustments where necessary.

Mid-term adjustments

If a customer calls to request a mid-term adjustment, we must take the time to understand why the request is being made. For example, “I need to adjust the amount of cover I am insured for”, “I need to add an extra vehicle to my policy” and “I need to cancel my policy”.

  • Don’t just listen to what the customer wants to change, listen for the “why” too.
  • If a customer is experiencing financial hardship and needs to reduce their cover, should a fee be charged for a mid-term adjustment fee?
  • If the customer states that the product is not performing as they expected it to, should a new demands and need assessment be undertaken?

Questions to ask

  • Do I fully understand the nature of this customer’s request? If not, what can I do to help me understand it further?
  • Can I identify characteristics of vulnerability? How would I propose making a reasonable adjustment? Do I know who my vulnerable customer champion is and what type of scenarios I can take to them?