Progress update on the migration of Ageas policies


It’s now 6 months since we announced the acquisition of the renewal rights to the Ageas UK Commercial book of business. We promised to keep you updated as we migrate products and policies across to AXA platforms.

Firstly we’d like to thank you for your support during this period. Your patience, willingness to help and your adaptability to new processes are all recognised and for that we’re very grateful. The sheer volume of work involved in programs like these means that our own people have had to go above and beyond what we could have legitimately expected – and for that we’re also very grateful.

In the short time we’ve been working on this program we’ve achieved so much. Over 100 ex-Ageas staff have transferred to AXA, providing service continuity for you as products move across to our platforms.

We’ve been migrating policies onto AXA’s Motor Trade and Property Owners products for a few months now and we’d like to thank brokers for their input and feedback. The trading support we’ve received is fantastic and retention rates demonstrate the high quality of the products and processes as well as the incredible loyalty we have seen from brokers and policyholders. Traded Motor Fleet also started to migrate from 17 October renewals onwards.

Commercial Combined will be the next product to launch (please see below for more detail) and our online platform will soon be available to you. The first digital business to start moving across will be Optima Business Plus (Digital combined) to AXA’s Small Business Combined, followed by digital Property Owners into our Landlords product.

The migration of so much Schemes business is a complex process, but once again we’re grateful for the support you have shown us. We’ve been working very closely with all our Schemes broker partners to make sure our products and service live up to their expectations. Every day more of this business comes across to AXA and we’ll continue at pace to complete on this element of the migration.

So it’s going to be a busy Q4. We’re building areas on this website where you’ll be able to access all the information you require as we continue the transition. This will include details of contacts, products, processes and will provide more progress reports. We’ll deliver new products across manually and digitally traded platforms and we’ll continue to work closely with you to deliver the best results for you and our customers.

Migration of Ageas manually traded Combined policies

This update provides information regarding the transfer of Ageas Commercial Choice and Leisure products, the manually traded Commercial Combined policies. We’ll be migrating these policies to AXA Business Combined and will shortly be preparing renewals with a renewal date on or after 30 November.

You don’t need to do anything now though. We’ll start by sending renewal terms and documents to you. Our aim is to get renewals that are not subject to ongoing negotiation to you at least 21 days before renewal date. Your usual underwriting contacts will be handling those renewals, and they’ll be in touch with you in the next few weeks to discuss terms on larger and more complex cases, and of course will be available to help with any queries and changes you have.

As you’d expect, there have been some changes to policies. These will be communicated via a Notice to Policyholders (NTPs) and by endorsement to the policy wordings. It’s important that you review and communicate these changes in cover to your customer and ensure they understand the key changes.

If an instalment facility was set up with Ageas, this will be moved over to AXA with no action required for you or your customer.

We know you may need to contact us around the migration process, so we’ve set up two dedicated mailboxes to handle your queries:

For all other Ageas policies, that have not yet migrated to AXA, please continue to use the central Ageas email addresses: or

Using the most appropriate email address will help us respond to you more quickly.

Thank you for your continuing support.


Cathy Taylor
Business Director