Digital migration roadmap

Ageas products

We’re pleased to confirm that our Digital product migration roadmap is now complete and available to share with you all. 

We have listed below a table which matches the original Ageas product with the equivalent AXA product to provide a comprehensive guide on how this will work for you.

Ageas eTrade Product Equivalent AXA eTrade Product

Optima Trade & Professional

Tradesmen & Professionals

Optima Property Owners


Optima Small Fleet

Minifleet Choice

Optima Business Plus

Business Choice

Commercial Guard Shopkeepers


Commerical Guard Office & Surgery

Offices & Surgeries

Commercial Guard Homeworkers

No exact product alternative

AXA's product migration guidance

To help you migrate policies to AXA, we’ve put together step-by-step guidance with key things to be aware of:

We're here to help

We know you may need to contact us around the migration process, so we’ve set up two dedicated mailboxes to handle your queries:

If your query is urgent and you need to talk to one of our expert eTrade underwriters then you can contact the team direct on 0345 120 44 22, selecting option 2 for non-motor.