We’ve nailed Tradesman migration


I’m excited to confirm that our next and final product to enter the digital migration journey is Optima Trade & Professional. Policies are now starting to migrate with renewal dates from the 27th June 2023. Any policy due before 27th June should continue to renew via usual Ageas channels.

To help you migrate policies to AXA, we’ve put together a digital migration roadmap. This provides step-by-step migration guidance, appetite and highlights key things to be aware of for each product.

We understand that you might have some questions as you progress through the renewal cycle and so have produced a FAQ guide to help, should you encounter any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer

What’s the lead time on migrating cases?

The usual lead in time is 35 days prior to renewal. However, our first run is slightly earlier at 30 days.

What happens if a renewal is attempted before 35 days?

If you attempt to process a renewal on Acturis before 30 days, the renewal quote will refer. Our underwriters will not be able to clear the referral until 30 days before renewal.

Will I be able to view an Ageas Extranet traded case renewal quote earlier than 35 days?

No, the case  won’t be available on the AXA Extranet earlier than 35 days prior to renewal date.

How will Extranet cases appear for renewal?

Policies that are currently located on the Ageas Extranet will be migrated as new business to the AXA Extranet. If you try to locate the migrated policy within the renewals area of the AXA Extranet you will not be able to find it. Ageas held policy data will auto-populate a new quote under the 'Saved quotes' section. 

What happens if I need to process an MTA effective prior to renewal date on a policy where the migration process has commenced?

You will need to process the change on the expiring Ageas policy and then on the migrated AXA policy. If you are making the changes before you have accepted the AXA quote, then the changes should be done as an amended quote. If however, you have already accepted the AXA quote, then you will have to make the changes via MTA.

Will AXA offer a renewal on every policy?

No. AXA have the rights to offer a renewal but there will be certain risk features and underwriting considerations which means renewal terms can’t be offered on all risks, but terms will be offered on the majority. We will advise you of each policy individually where renewal terms can’t be offered ahead of the renewal date.

We're here to support

We know you may need help with the migration process, so we’ve outlined the best contact routes for you to get quick answers to specific issues you may encounter over this period.

Issue Resolution

General non-policy specific queries

Check our helpful FAQ’s to find the answer. Or if you need further help, email us at AgeasMigrationGen@axa-insurance.co.uk.

Policy specifc queries

Email us at onlinetradingcentre@axa-insurance.co.uk along with the new AXA policy number.

imarket cases going into error

In the first instance, please contact your software house provider.

Need access to the AXA Extranet

Call 01253 683122  or e-mail ConnectNewUser@axa-insurance.co.uk 

If your query is still unresolved and you need to talk to one of our expert digital underwriters, contact the team on 0345 120 44 22.

Cathy Taylor
Business Director