Key steps in migration and FAQs

As you’ll know AXA recently bought the renewal rights to the Ageas UK Commercial book of business. The deal allows both companies to focus on their future core strategic plans.

In the note below, we have highlighted the main steps of the resulting process together with initial FAQs, which we hope will make clear your contact points, processes, protocols and timelines.

Main points

Our goal is to make this transition as simple and straightforward as possible for you, our people and our customers. To do that we will manage the full migration of the business over the next 12 months in logical steps, causing as little disruption as possible to your usual business processes.

The first step will be to transfer the former Ageas employees to AXA on 1 April so that you can continue to deal with the same people that you did previously. While they will continue to underwrite on Ageas wordings and rates, the team will also spend their first months with AXA familiarising themselves with our product and propositional offering. They will then be able to offer your clients renewal of their policies on AXA systems.

In April you will receive a Terms of Business Agreement from AXA, specifically in relation to the Ageas Renewal Business for you to sign online. We will then issue you with a new AXA agency specifically for these renewals only.

Understandably our aim is to retain as much of the former Ageas portfolio as possible, so we want to make the migration process straightforward. To achieve that, we commit to being as flexible as we possibly can when considering business for renewal. Our two books of business are very similar in nature and there is an excellent fit in terms of manually underwritten and digital business.



Minifleet FAQs