Preventing aches and pains when working from home

Jan Vickery, Head of Clinical Services at AXA Health, gives advice on how to avoid or manage aches and pains while working from home and how to maintain good posture.

A beginner's guide to working from home

Join AXA Health's Senior Physiologist, Dan, as he speaks to Mental Health Lead Eugene Farrell about his top tips for working from home.

Working well at home

It’s as important to work safely and comfortably at home as it is in the office. Whether you have a dedicated space for working or you’re having to think a bit more creatively about optimising your environment, this factsheet explains what to keep in mind.

Keeping connected with your colleagues

Many of us haven’t been able to benefit from the same level of socialising that we’re used to lately, which makes staying connected with colleagues more important than ever. Take a look at some of the ways you can keep connected with your teams.

Consider a fake commute

For many the daily commute offered a precious window of time to prepare for or shake off the working day. For some of us, after months of working from home, new habits have formed. Could a fake commute reinstall that ‘me time’, help you mentally prepare for the day ahead, or offer that vital post-work unwind?

How to deal with feeling isolated

Whether it’s virtual meet-ups, check-ins or after work gatherings, it helps bring routine in to the day and create a sense of community – something that is often missing when remote working becomes the norm. The good news is that there’s lots that can be done to combat feelings of loneliness caused by isolation and sometimes it really is the small things that can make a difference.