Marketing Webinars

Introducing social media for commercial brokers

An overview of how insurance brokers can start to get the most from social media. This webinar looks at common mistakes brokers make with their social media and provides helpful tips on creating relevant and engaging content.

An Introduction to LinkedIn

The first in a series dedicated to LinkedIn. This module discusses what LinkedIn is, the difference between company pages and personal profiles and asks Why are you using LinkedIn?

How to create a LinkedIn profile

The second in a series dedicated to LinkedIn. This module discusses the foundations of a LinkedIn profile and tips you need to implement to make a great profile

Marketing guides

How to Vlog

Now more than ever, Brokers need to find new ways to communicate with both their employees and clients. Read this guide from Ignition NBS which explains why vlogging is a great way to engage with your audience and is easier and cheaper than you think.

How to use LinkedIn

This document explains the differences in LinkedIn profile types and explains how you could implement a LinkedIn content and engagement strategy that will help you grow the number of connections in your target market.

How to organise online events

Technology has made it possible to replicate physical events online, from small webinars to extensive virtual conferences. If you are reconsidering your events strategy, Ignition’s ‘How to’ guide takes a look at how you could take your engagement online.

How to understand your customers

As a Broker, you will clearly understand the risks a client faces, but do you really understand what they value? This guide describes the steps Brokers can follow to understand what makes their clients tick, so they can deliver a customer experience that truly sets them apart from the competition.

How to perform a website health check

Your website is likely to be the first experience your prospective clients have of your company, therefore it’s vital that you create an excellent first impression. These simple checks will help you to understand how easy it is for prospective customers to access and use your website.