Edition 1 - Setting expectations

The importance of setting expectations for your team and direct reports when working remotely

This article covers how to set clear expectations, measure productivity and ensure effective communication with your team when working remotely.

Edition 2 - Onboarding

Best practice for onboarding remotely and managing new starters

Research shows that new employees decide how long they want to work for a company within the first 3-6 months, which means that a positive onboarding experience is key. Within this article you will find tools and guidance on best practice to help you overcome the challenges of onboarding remotely.

Remote onboarding checklist

Our remote onboarding checklist provides helpful reminders for best practice at each stage of the remote onboarding process, from ensuring IT equipment is ready to booking induction sessions with key stakeholders and holding a virtual team meeting.

Induction planning template

New joiner starting soon? Use our basic induction planning template to help you save time and consider key elements of the onboarding process, such as on-the-job training, meetings with stakeholders and assigning a buddy and mentor.

Top 10 tips for onboarding remotely

Read our top 10 tips for a successful remote onboarding process.

Q&A with Stuart McKenna

Join Stuart McKenna, Business Manager at IDEX Consulting and experienced insurance recruiter, to gain some key insight on how brokers have been responding to the Covid crisis and the importance of making new joiners feel valued.

Edition 3 - Motivation

What's affecting your team's productivity and how can you help them stay motivated?

This article covers the importance of understanding the factors affecting your team's productivity and provides tips and guidance to help you engage and motivate your team, mitigate uncertainty and provide employee recognition.

Top 10 tips for virtual brainstorming

Read our top ten tips for running a virtual brainstorming session with your team.

Remote teams - maintaining motivation and momentum

Join AXA healthcare's Senior Physiologist, Dan, as he speaks to Mental Health Lead Eugene Farrell about how to manage a team when working remotely.

Keeping momentum and motivation

This manager guide explains how to ensure you continue to get the best from each team member by helping them adjust and adapt to new circumstances.

Edition 4 - Adapting to change

Navigating the new normal

As a people manager, how do you help your team navigate through change and uncertainty? This article will provide you with tips and guidance, including how to maintain a sense of control and communicate through uncertainty.

Example business case

A basic template for constructing a business case in order to make recommendations for change within your business.

Tips for surveying your team

Seeking quality feedback from your employees can help to inform your decision-making. If you are considering using a staff survey, we have compiled some tips on how to position the survey and use the resulting data, along with some sample questions.

Edition 5 - Impactful virtual meetings

Impactful communication in a virtual trading environment

This digital training programme is designed for employees at all levels and will provide you and your team with the skills to work effectively across multiple digital platforms, maximise the effectiveness of your meetings and protect yourself from virtual fatigue.

Managing difficult conversations

Join Dr. Mark Winwood as he discusses how to appraoch difficult conversations in a way that produces a better outcome for you, your employee and the business.

Edition 6 - Burnout

Protecting your top talent from burnout

This article provides you with the knowledge required to recognise the warning signs of burnout, along with resources to help you provide support to employees who may be struggling.

Burnout toolkit

A guide for line managers to help you recognise the warning signs of burnout and support your team. Resources include tips to guide you through approaching challenging conversations, implementing support measures and managing the issue with your wider team.

Top 10 tips for challenging conversations in a virtual setting

It can be difficult to discuss sensitive issues when your team are remote. For practical guidance, read our top 10 tips for challenging conversations in a virtual setting.

Edition 7 - Wellbeing at work

Manager's guide to supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

This toolkit is designed to help you support your team's mental wellbeing and more effectively look after your own mental health. Learn how to recognise the symptoms of common mental health conditions, manage an employee who may be living with a mental health condition and improve wellbeing within your team.

Edition 8 - Monitoring productivity

Tips and guidance for monitoring productivity in a remote environment

One of the key challenges faced by line managers with remote teams is the ability to know exactly what your team are doing throughout the day. This article will provide tips and guidance on monitoring productivity and dealing with performance challenges remotely.