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Health & Wellbeing Zone

What's available?

A wealth of guidance and activities from AXA Health to aid your mental and physical wellbeing, including support materials for line managers. We will be updating this section regularly with up to date advice and additional resources.

Mental Health

Here you’ll find resources to support your mental wellbeing, such as tips on how to manage stress and anxiety.


Struggling to drift off at night? Here you’ll find top tips for a better night’s sleep.

Diet & Exercise

Educational videos from Richie Norton, along with guides on fuelling your body and fitting exercise into your day.

Remote Working

Here you’ll find guidance to help you stay connected and productive while working from home.

Wellbeing Resources for Line Managers

Practical guidance to support you in looking after your team’s wellbeing.

AXA Health YouTube channel

Here you’ll find a selection of videos from health and wellbeing specialists to support you in finding your own route to wellbeing.