The benefits of our Management Liability Policy are now even clearer

10 March 2022

Our Management Liability Policy (MLP) proactively helps policyholders manage their people, contracts, premises and data. Should they need legal support, they have access to legal representation and advisory services through our exclusive partnership with rradar, a specialist commercial and litigation law firm.

What's new for you in 2022

New for 2022, we show you how all MLPs aren't the same and why our MLP is leading the way, going beyond the market standard policy.

Our new guide also gives you a closer look at every aspect of our policy. This comprehensive guide includes sections on:

  • The growing need for Management Liability Insurance
  • Industry specific case studies
  • Managing risks and mitigating exposures
  • Our appetite and ways to trade
  • rradar's services included under the policy
  • Ways policyholders can better understand and address matters that, if left or not handled correctly, could lead to a claim being made against them or their organisation.

What's new for policyholders?

Organisations have never been so exposed. The pandemic, unexpected losses, expensive employment tribunals, regulatory investigations, contract disputes, insolvency related D&O claims, fraud issues and accidents, have all created greater levels of vulnerability.

To help understand and manage these exposures, in addition to the rradar services included under the policy (covered in the guide), policyholders now have access to:

rradar's Management Liability Risk Analysis Tool

This online dashboard helps an organisation analyse gaps in its key legal requirements and obligations. It also provides immediate guidance on how to put in place appropriate control measure to reduce the level of exposure.