Managing mental and physical wellbeing

These resources are for sharing with your employees to help them look after their mental and physical wellbeing.

Improve your focus and sleep better

From eating your 'five a day' to making those 10,000 steps, many of us strive for (or are at least mindful of!) those daily activities and behaviours that promote our physical wellbeing.

Headstrong will help people to regard mental and physical fitness as one health; because there's one you…

Webinar: Staying Positive

Join Dr Mark Winwood and Eugene Farrell in this Webinar; Top tips on gaining perspective, how to look beyond and be optimistic.

Coping with Change and Managing Uncertainty

Dr Mark Winwood and Eugene Farrell explore how best to cope, manage and thrive during unsettling periods.

Useful guides

anxiety guide

Dealing with anxiety about the coronavirus

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talking to children about covid guide

Talking to children about the coronavirus

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COVID-19 health risk return to work questionnaire

We’re living and working through extraordinary times. Prior to one of your team returning to the workplace we recommend you ask and complete the following questions to support their health and your business. We have provided recommended actions off the back of their response.

Nutrition and Exercise: The Key to a Healthy Mind

Join Registered Nutritionists and fitness experts Rajkeeran and Georgina, as they discuss the positive impacts that eating well and moving more can have on your health and wellbeing.

Quick Reads

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Stress-busting workouts

Stress-busting workouts with personal trainer and yoga teacher, Shona Vertue.