Making claims clear

26 July 2022

New and updated guides now available

We’ve extended ‘Making claims clear’, our award-winning initiative, with new and updated guides.

These straightforward guides are designed to provide clarity, for you and your clients, around claims, covering:

  • Claims signposting - what clients can expect to happen during a claim and the important role they play
  • Common reasons for repudiation – why some claims don’t get paid, and practical guidance to help clients recover after a claim
  • Explanation of terms and conditions – guidance to help clients understand what they are buying
  • General policy advice - standard exclusions that clients should be aware of when taking out a policy and how to avoid breaching policy conditions
  • Fraud prevention - what fraud is and how AXA deals with it

As well as providing clarity around these aspects, the guides can help you discuss with clients:

  • how their policy is likely to respond in the event of claim, so they are better prepared
  • other policies and services that may be appropriate to their business
  • risk management, to identify where risks can be reduced

We trust you and your clients find these guides useful.