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VPS provide a service for property owners who want to protect unoccupied and/or vacant properties.

It includes the provision of specialist temporary high security steel screens, alarm systems and round the clock monitoring with an emergency call out service.

Why use VPS?

VPS provide dedicated pricing for AXA customers and the service can be tailored to all types and sizes of vacant property.

Benefits of the VPS service include:

  • Weekly internal/external inspections of the property can be undertaken by VPS with copies of individual inspections and weekly photographs available to view by policyholders from a secure website
  • Perforated steel screens and security doors fitted for authorised access
  • 24-hour monitoring with emergency call out service
  • Easy-to-access web reports detailing work carried out, alarm signals, event reports and inspection summaries
  • Additional services ranging from resident care (anti-squatter), fencing, bollards and concrete barriers to clearance of rubbish and fly tipping

How do I get this service?

Contact your AXA representative or email Alternatively, contact our partner VPS on 020 8238 6475 or Please state that you require the AXA service.  

VPS Flyer (PDF)