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eSettlement Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Read the comments below made by some of our broker users.

"a trouble-free and efficient way to pay over our account"

Since January 2006 I have been using the AXA eSettlement system for payment of the account. At first as with most changes, I was wary of trying a new internet payment system, but this has been proven to be a trouble-free and efficient way to pay over our account.

It has also been proven to save time with items under query as you raise the query on the eSettlement yourself which is then answered by the AXA account handler within 3 days where you can view the outcome of the query. There is also an option to view commissions showing the calculations if there is a split. With eSettlement you always have an up-to-date statement of account so it is very useful if you want to see if an item is on the account rather than having to wait for the next paper statement the next month.

As an eSettlement user, I would recommend this method of payment as this is both beneficial to the broker and the insurer.

Mrs S Morrison 
Accounts Department 
Todd & Cue Ltd

"reduces the amount of time it takes for us to reconcile the account"

The finance eSettlement solution that we have been using since 2005 we would say without hesitation that this is by far the best on-line settlement system we utilise with a leading insurer.

The on-line system allows us to log on early in the month and not only can we confirm the items that we agree to remit, we can also see where items have been incorrectly debited and by liaising with your accounts department early in the month, they can refer to underwriters, correct the entry which will then enable us to incorporate the corrected item in the months payment, which is normally effected towards the end of the month.

We have found that by using this facility it reduces the amount of time it takes for us to reconcile the account, in particular when items are incorrect we find that they are rectified far more expeditiously.

Barry J Fitzsimons 
Company Director 
Marcus Hearn & Co Ltd

"it has made my life easier"

When you first suggested eSettlement I was a little dubious, as I thought it might take a long time, then I had the training and it looked easy enough. Although, I was still thinking I would have problems when I began to use it properly, but as far as I am aware everything seems to be going well, and it has made my life easier come the end of the month when I do my reconciliation.

As instead of using my adding machine, adding pages and pages of statement the eSettlement gives me a total which mostly agrees to what I have on our system and if there is a difference it’s something I have or not done.

Lindsey Dixon 
Account Handler 
Lycett, Browne-Swinburne & Douglass Ltd