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Find out more about the Software Houses

If you do not have a software system, but want to find out more about transacting EDI for personal lines products, we cannot provide advice on software systems and do not recommend a specific provider.

You will need to review the facilities available and chose the supplier which best meets you needs. The following list gives contact details of Software Houses providing AXA products:

Acturis Limited
Tel: 020 7079 4000 Email:

Tel: 0161 480 4420 Email:

Applied Systems
Tel: 01273 852100 Email:

Tel: 01905 754455 Email:

Software Solutions Partners
Tel: 01422 330022 Web:

What to do if you’re changing software systems

We can help you to ensure that a transfer of software system is managed smoothly.

Email us at providing details of the software system, the date you are moving and we will call you to discuss the options available so that you can continue to manage your Policies.

What to do in the event of acquisition of business

Firstly, make contact with our Agency team who will be able to ensure that all relevant business areas are advised. We will then take steps to contact you and ensure that any EDI policies are transferred successfully.