Sales in a Changing Environment - digital training programme

The past few months has brought countless challenges and delivering on Sales performance in a ‘new normal’ is one them. Training and developing employees on how to adapt their existing Sales skills in our changing environment is key, and you can now access our new six-week digital online Sales training programme in collaboration with Nick Thomas, specialist trainer and consultant to the UK Insurance sector to do just that.

Course content summary

The course is designed for Insurance Brokers’ Sales employees, to provide core sales skills, methodologies and training with a framework of information in the context of the 'new normal'. Social distancing mitigates against traditional sales strategies for building customer relationships, so this programme embraces how we adapt our sales practices in this rapidly changing environment.

Who is it relevant for?

  • Employees who are new to/have limited experience in, or about to enter a front-line sales or client facing role
  • Employees who have not previously received formal sales training in relevant processes and skills
  • Those who have previous experience in volume, transactional sales but are new to a more relationship-led client or sales role
  • More experienced employees who are interested in refreshing their skills and/or want to learn new skills relevant to the changing environment. With reference to the latter, sessions in weeks 4-6 are most relevant

Week 1: Sales Process overview with a focus on ideal client profile and prospect Identification

Week 2: Adapting to a ‘hardening’ market, and a strategic selling approach

Week 3: Becoming a solutions provider

Week 4: Social Selling and virtual networking

Week 5: Effective communication in a virtual world

Week 6: Virtual meetings