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Ipswich Branch


The Ipswich team has excellent local market knowledge and strong relationships with regional brokers. Our Senior Underwriters have an average of 25 years’ experience in insurance, and they impart their knowledge upon the junior members of the team to develop strong underwriting capabilities!


Ipswich has the longest serving team throughout AXA Commercial Lines and with many of us based in the heart of East Anglia we boast many deep rooted relationships with many of our key accounts. Our location means we have a heavy involvement in the logistics, haulage and fleet sector and would consider ourselves experts in this area.

We have a significant Schemes account (28% of account) which is regarded as a centre of excellence for Schemes.

Catchment Area

Suffolk, Norfolk, North Essex and Cambridge.

Branch Contact Details

Sean Clark - Commercial Branch Manager
Email: sean.clark@axa-insurance.co.uk
Telephone: 07964 502 810

Alex Turner - Commercial Branch Sales Manager 
Email: alex.turner@axa-insurance.co.uk  
Telephone: 07964 502 323

Vanessa Sharman - Commercial Branch Underwriting Manager 
Email: vanessa.sharman@axa-insurance.co.uk 
Telephone: 07775 015 322

Lisa Fox - Commercial Branch Operations Manager 
Email: lisa.fox@axa-insurance.co.uk 
Telephone: 07875 734 148

Leighton Chenery - Account Manager
Email: leighton.chenery@axa-insurance.co.uk  
Telephone: 07775 018208

Andy Wallace - Account Manager
Email: andy.wallace@axa-insurance.co.uk 
Telephone: 07964 509869

Renewal Team Details

Non Motor Renewals Team Telephone: 01473 337 096

Motor Fleet Team: 01473 337 097

Catherine Sporle - Trading Manager
Email: catherine.sporle@axa-insurance.co.uk 
Telephone: 01473 337 106

Dean Lushington - Trading Manager
Email: dean.lushington@axa-insurance.co.uk 
Telephone: 07775 019 598

Motor and Non Motor New Business Trading Team

New Business Team: 01473 337 094

Andy Wallace - New Business Trading Manager
Email: andy.wallace@axa-insurance.co.uk 
Telephone: 07964 509 869 

Schemes Team Details

Our Schemes team are responsible for all Ipswich broker scheme business, which makes up a large proportion of Branch GWP.

Schemes Team: 01473 337 161

Marie Cross - Senior Underwriter
Email:   marie.cross@axa-insurance.co.uk  
Telephone: 07775 019 581

Julie Foulger - Technical Underwriter
Email: julie.foulger@axa-insurance.co.uk 
Telephone: 01473 337 102

Andrew Byford - Technical Underwriter
Email: andrew.byford@axa-insurance.co.uk 
Telephone: 01473 337 132

Bluefin Support Team Details

Bluefin Broker Partner Support Team
Telephone: 01473 337 096

Office Address

Brooke Lawrence House                                    
80 Civic Drive