AXA Reading


Pinnacle House
20 Tudor Road

Phone: 0118 955 0000

About the branch

Reading is one of AXA’s biggest branches with over 50 staff. We have a dedicated fleet team, a non-fleet renewals teams and a sales team. The sales team has several development underwriters who are mobile and equipped to underwrite in our broker’s offices if required. In addition, we handle renewals for our satellite branch in Maidstone. Each team in the branch has at least one Senior Underwriter, many of which have several decades of experience. This means that the vast majority of our quotes can be signed off within the branch.

Our expertise

We also have a dedicated and highly experienced schemes team, managing over 20 Delegated Authorities for a wide range of brokers. AXA has a strong appetite for schemes and can often consider niche areas that might sit on the margins of AXA’s open market underwriting footprint.

Commercial branch contacts

Sales & Fleet
Telephone: Sales 0118 959 3950 | Fleet 0118 959 3920

Telephone: 0118 955 3910

Green Card
Telephone: 0118 959 3920