AXA Maidstone


35 Kings Hill Avenue
Kings Hill
West Malling
ME19 4DG

Phone: 01622 238 790

About the branch

AXA Maidstone Branch forms a well established and strongly performing part of the national network of AXA Commercial branches. It has a team of Commercial Underwriters who are experienced in the areas of Property, Casualty, Fleet & Motor Trade. Due to both the technical and trading ability of the Maidstone team, we have seen considerable growth, but there is still more work to do to get to our target size and we want to do that by working in partnership with our local brokers.

Our expertise

One of the key components of our success is the in-depth local market knowledge we possess and the fact that we are close to our customers. We also have considerable experience and success in managing a wide range of Delegated Authority Schemes.

Commercial branch contacts

Maidstone Branch: (Important please note; Categories of business dealt with in 'Branch'; All New Business, All Motor Trade and £10k plus Renewals/MTA's for other classes of business)

Ross Fill - Trading Team Manager
Telephone: 07976 311 064

Terri Driscoll-Cooper - Branch Manager
Telephone: 07966 192 283

Alex Turner - Commercial Branch Sales Manager
Telephone: 07964 502 323

Ipswich SME Trading Centre Team (sub £10k Renewals & MTA's ex Motor Trade)

Telephone: 01622 238 783

Non Fleet
Telephone: 01622 238 775

Natalie Booker - Account Manager
Telephone: 07775 014 136

Lisa Fox - Commercial Branch Operations Manager
Telephone: 07875 734 148