Why use Lytx?

Lytx®, Inc. is on a mission to create safer roads. Designed to help keep drivers safe and greatly reduce incidents, the Surfsight camera was built to reduce distracted driving and provide fleet managers with a full risk management view of their fleet.

Simple to install and intuitive to operate, the Surfsight solution integrates seamlessly into any telematics platform through advanced APIs.

How does it work?

The Surfsight camera is powered by Lytx’s propriety machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) technology, which identifies risky driving behaviours and sends First Notification of Risk (FNOR) to alert drivers* so they can self-correct before an incident occurs.

FNOR provides a proactive approach to fleet safety that empowers drivers and managers to mitigate risks before they become incidents. For insurers, FNOR is preventative which can help to improve loss ratios whilst still providing FNOL. Should an incident occur, the outside lens video footage is immediately available for repudiation or liability acceptance.

Telematics partners who offer Lytx’s Surfsight solution are supported by a dedicated and experienced team to ensure a successful implementation and ongoing user experience.

*The MV+AI technology is a driver aid only. Drivers should never wait for a warning before taking measures to avoid an accident. The MV+AI distraction detection and alerting technology is designed to respect driver privacy because it does not collect, store or use any biometric identifiers or biometric information (i.e., scans of facial geometry) to detect distracted driving behaviours. See www.lytx.com/dashcam-information.

Benefits of the Surfsight solution:

  • Empowers drivers to self-correct risky behaviour, create safer driving habits, and reduce incidents
  • Provides examples of good driving to reward and praise drivers
  • Immediate proof of why an incident happens and who was at fault
  • Video evidence may exonerate drivers against false accusations, leading to reduced claims and insurance costs
  • Detailed cloud reporting and analytics can reveal hidden risk to help managers run a more efficient, safer fleet
  • Gives insurers accurate risk profiles of fleets they insure
  • Configurable to meet policy, regulation and privacy needs
  • Backed by Lytx’s 25+ years of industry expertise and advanced preventative video technology solutions.

How do I access this service?

For more information contact our partner Lytx on 01908 538824 or email simon.dicks@lytx.com.

Alternatively, please contact your usual AXA representative if you have any further questions.